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that we are proud of

K-12 Education

Teacher (For Sale)

Great teachers are like entrepreneurs. They get creative, work hard, and find resources despite overwhelming odds. For EdTech marketers, its a marriage made in heaven. 

Schools That Work

From remote deserts to dense inner-city schools, our film group captured 13 communities that went from struggling to thriving with SEL as the change agent in common.



WorldChanging is fighting for justice as landlords attempt to exploit our $130 buildout and move another tenant into our space. 

8 London Road

WorldChanging Studios unfortunately faces dark times as it is attached to the cafe our landlords are trying to extract from us. 

Social Ventures

Batey Rehab Project

The BRP” exists to break the cycles of extreme poverty, domestic violence and human trafficking in the DR’s most invisible communities.

Paro Development

Paro provides a pathway to home ownership for working poor families, backed by a guiding ecosystem to rise from poverty to wealth building.



Businesses are impacting people and harming the earth in ways that are more dangerous than ever. The global nonprofit SumOfUs exists to hold them accountable. 

Batey Girl

A community of young women navigate dangerous conditions, living in extreme poverty where violence and trafficking hide in plain sight. Together, they break the cycles.


Campaign Consulting

DC Systems

Strategic consulting and rebranding for DC Systems: a leading developer of Smart Grid software for utilities, grid operators, large energy users, and power generators.

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