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leadership team

Ian Bryan

President & Producer

Ian Bryan is an award-winning producer, campaign strategist, and social entrepreneur fueled by the belief that we all wield extraordinary power to positively change the world. While attending Columbia College Chicago, he launched and later sold 3 web startups and a popular Wicker Park coffee house. In 2001, he founded Sensible City, which became the world’s largest agency dedicated to K-12 education. Sensible City managed a global network of offices, expanding to sustainable industries in 2005, film production in 2006, and conferences including West Coast Green, Ecobuild America, Green Festivals, Green Cities and the Ecocity World Summit. In 2007, Ian developed the outreach strategy that, in part, led to North Carolina choosing its first Democrat for President in over 30 years.

In 2010, Ian teamed up with classroom teacher John Hunter to design the film, nonprofit and social media launch for “World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements.” Inspired by the results, he created a running “list” of high-potential, grassroots community initiatives for which he brokers start-up funding, resources and partnerships. Today, that list includes several national and global initiatives, including the EdCamp Foundation, EdObstacles, the CleanTech Open and others. In 2017, he created WorldChanging.

Jennifer Hagedorn

Managing Editor

Jennifer Hagedorn is an artistic producer, editorial content director and raw vegan chef who grew up living in Manila, Paris, Los Angeles and San Francisco before returning to the Philippines to earn a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Assumption College. After two years as a ranking Product Manager for Oshkosh Corporation, Jennifer joined Chroma, a tier 1 photography studio in Makati City. For the next 5 years, she grew and developed the business model as its Studio Manager.

Working with Chroma fueled Jennifer’s love of film and media, specifically editing and creative production, which led her to embrace the Write Voice Method. Over the next 5 years, Jennifer produced over 100 episodes while also script-writing and voice acting for film translation.

Jennifer also apprenticed under the painter Fernando Sena while in Manila, which she integrated into a decade-long career as a professional artist and experience designer.

More recently, Jennifer apprenticed with Shanti Allen at the Alchemy Academy in Bali, where she was previously completed her 200+ hour raw vegan chef certificate. At home, she is a yoga practitioner who brings kindness, mindfulness and play to the team at WorldChanging.

Amy Senn

VP of Agency

Amy Senn majored in fine art and minored in marketing at GA State University in Atlanta. Her background includes art curation, space design, project management, PR strategy, event architecture, community organization, and group facilitation. As VP of Agency, Amy might better be titled “VP of Listening” in her unique mission to infuse every client relationship with empathy and innovation.

In 2005, Amy joined Sensible City (now part of WorldChanging) as its Vice President, and was a key player and program innovator in the successful development and launch of multiple national outreach campaigns within the Ed Tech and Green Building Sectors. In 2010 she simultaneously launched her own full-service design and fabrication company and in 2013 joined the Mellow Mushroom Corporation as its Executive Art Director. In this role she developed a local artists program which provided over $1million to artists nationwide during a two-year period.  Amy is also a certified Holistic Health Coach and an accomplished sculptor. Her talent lies in the ability to transform challenges into opportunities and to weave together creativity with strategic planning.

Christian Coen

Production Coordinator

Christian is a creative, solutions driven individual who loves to hit the road for WorldChanging. His pension for approaching all facets of life inquisitively earned him a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and Communications from Arcadia University.

A screen actor, producer, comedian and facilitator, Christian pursues a dual purpose of production and performance. In 2015, he traveled from coast to coast – freelancing video production and performing comedy for a period of 9 months. During the summer of 2017, he trained at the famed Second City Improvisational Theatre in Chicago and went on to produce and perform in Asheville, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

A trained improviser, performer and video producer, Christian’s adaptability and ability to create content in real time, brings a coveted fluidity to the WorldChanging production process.

Ian Montgomery

Senior Analyst

Ian Montgomery holds an MBA from Dominican University of California with a concentration in Sustainable Enterprise, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of North Carolina. His diverse background includes horticulture, start-up and enterprise-level consulting, and systems engineering/design/repair.

Ian was the driving force behind several large-scale business development projects at Algorithm Agency, a company also founded by Ian Bryan. Those initiatives included an the Initial Public Offering for Boxlight Corporation, strategic initiatives supporting #COP20 in Paris, early development of Asheville’s Climate Collider, and several market launches for educational technology products in the K-12 marketplace.

As Senior Analyst at WorldChanging, Ian is often handed the group’s toughest projects. Whether sorting through an overwhelming trove of survey data or providing marketplace research and trends analysis, he is a key ingredient to the “how” we do what we do here at WorldChanging. He is also the founder of Blue Ridge Aromatics, where he leads operations and has doubled output in the last year. He but feels most at home in the loving embrace of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Heather Pike

Experience Designer

For 16 of the last 20 years, Heather Pike has worked with the WorldChanging team as a Producer, Fixer and Experience Designer. She began her work in the casino industry, blending events, marketing and space design to create meaningful experiences with partnered nonprofits and sponsors. For 10 years she held the position of Design Chair at Planet Hollywood, where her focus was on planning and executing large-scale charity gala events.

Heather is also responsible for planning and completion of Ian Bryan’s TED ED and TEDx events, where she managed holistic front and back-of house operations simultaneously. She brings to World Changing the unique ability to plan events from an experience perspective while simultaneously mapping out in minute detail, production plans that ensure success at from every aspect of an event.

She loves playing and learning with her family, snacking on ongoing challenges, and polishing her interior Seven League Boots.

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