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WorldChanging produces documentary films, feature shorts and streaming media series that measure impact beyond the usual likes and shares. Our campaigns deliver meaningful connections that begin at the end of each film, distributed to an audience that craves more direct, authentic opportunities to engage in world-changing.

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New Film: Batey Girl

Coming Spring 2019

Cultural Shapeshifter

A co-founder of Impact Hub Oakland, Grind for the Green, Hack The Hood, Earthseed Consulting, and a past Fellow of Green For All and Bold Food, Zakiya Harris isn’t always easy to catch up with. WorldChanging’s Jen Hagedorn catches her in the magic.

HawaH | One Common Unity

HawaH is an artist, author, educator, yoga instructor and community organizer who has dedicated his life to cultivating experiences and teaching nonviolence. We grab HawaH on the phone on International Peace Day just after group meditation with the 20-person staff at One Common Unity.

2018 Edu Reel

The WorldChanging Films group setup camp in in 21 schools last year, bringing the total # of schools we’ve worked in to just over 200.

Batey Rehab Project

After Katie Godkin Morales built a home for a poor family in the Dominican Republic, she found the shelters were contributing to a larger problem.

Teaching Through Obstacles

Recognizing that the workplace may limit her gifts, classroom teacher Valerie Lewis founded AppleSeed Learning as a tool to develop and deploy community-based cultural programs, partnerships, learning labs, and, most recently: EdObstacles.

The Slum: A Play on Words

How exactly do we define a slum? What meaningful, vital purposes are derived from slums and those who inhabit them? And can we live without them? Ian Montgomery explores a term we hear often, but seldom consider.


Our favorite plenaries from the 2018 NEXUS Summit in DC.

the community forest

Community forests are beginning to thrive in many areas by leveraging the social enterprise model


Our Institute studies what works and helps young leaders connect the dots.


Our film group captures stories events from the front lines of change.


Our media group amplifies world-changing people, ideas and models.


At the heart of it all is our go-to-market enablement for select campaigns.

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