that we are proud of

Social Ventures

Latin America: Wabbani

Wabbani is a social venture that connects remote artisans to buyers by adapting handmade goods into add-ons that fit IKEA specifications.

US: Paro Development

Paro provides a pathway to home ownership for working poor families, backed by a supportive ecosystem to rise from poverty to wealth building.

K-12 Education

Schools That Work

From tiny desert to dense inner-city schools, our film group embedded itself in 13 schools that went from struggling to thriving by leveraging SEL for culture change. [Watch Films]

Fulfill The Dream

WorldChanging teamed up with Roberto Rivera to film and produce the video series for a hip-hop driven, culturally relevant SEL program for high school students.

Cisco CSR

This summer we launched GPS: The Series, a Cisco CSR initiative that introduces middle school students problem solving, critical thinking and social entrepreneurship skills.

Online Teacher Training

Our client had been training teachers for years, but wanted to increase teacher access by offering its live, immersive trainings online. We produced the course in 4 months.

Mission Consulting

DC Systems

Strategic consulting to DC Systems: a leading developer of Smart Grid software for utilities, grid operators, large energy users, and power generators.

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