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WorldChanging is shaped by a dynamic team of close-knit professionals, most of whom have been working together for at least 5 years and focused on social ventures. We are complimented by dozens of specialist partners  around the world, comprised mostly of past-partnerships from Algorithm Agency and Sensible City.

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Ian Bryan


Ian Bryan

Producer & Founder

Ian Bryan is an award-winning producer, campaign strategist, and social entrepreneur dedicated to helping individuals and communities realize their full potential. By integrating social change and education with community marketing and campaign logic, Ian has ignited marketplaces and transformed cultures in schools, neighborhoods, and cities.

Fueled by the core belief that every person can fundamentally change the world, Ian developed and sold 3 internet startups and a popular Wicker Park coffee house—all while enrolled at the University of Memphis and Columbia College Chicago.

He then founded Sensible City in 2001. Under the leadership of Kylie Black, Amy Senn and Betsy McClellan, that agency grew into the world’s largest creative firm dedicated to K-12 education. Over the course of 10 years, Sensible City added network offices in 21 countries and expanded to launch political initiatives as well as national conferences in sustainable community development. These included West Coast Green, Ecobuild America, Green Festivals, Green Cities and the Ecocity World Summit.

In early 2007, Ian was commissioned to create a rural outreach strategy for Obama For America. His strategy, in part, led to North Carolina choosing its first Democrat for President in over 30 years. While developing TEDx events focused on education, his work in gathering purpose-driven audiences expanded to include urban development and sustainable industries. As a board member and community outreach strategist for Urban Re:Vision, he developed campaigns which spread its competition series to over 30 countries.

In 2010, Sensible City teamed up with classroom teacher John Hunter to design a film, nonprofit and social media launch for “World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements.” Today, Hunter is the subject of one of TED’s top-10 most watched videos, and his organization operates on a global scale. Inspired by the impact of the World Peace Game Foundation, Ian created a list of high-potential, grassroots community initiatives and brokered start-up funding and resources for them to scale. Today, that list includes several national and global initiatives, including the EdCamp Foundation, which now supports events in 35 countries. In 2013, he launched Algorithm Agency: an interim executive practice for scaling social impact organizations.

In 2016, after spending several years embedded in publicly held technology corporations, Ian formally exited the ed-tech marketplace.

Jennifer Hagedorn


Jen Hagedorn

Associate Producer

Jennifer Hagedorn grew up in Manila, Paris and San Francisco before returning to the Philippines to earn a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications from Assumption College. After two years as a Product Manager for Oshkosh Corporation, Jennifer spent 5 years as Studio Manager for Chroma, a tier 1 magazine photography studio in Makati City.

In 2003, Jennifer apprenticed under the renowned painter Fernando Sena, after which she began a decade-long career as a professional artist and experience designer. During this time, she also began to work in film. In 2008, she trained under the Write Voice Method, and began script-writing and voice acting for film translation, producing over 100 episodes in 5 years.

A certified raw vegan chef and yoga practitioner, Jen brings a plethora of wisdom and color to WorldChanging.

Ian Montgomery


Ian Montgomery

Senior Analyst

Ian Montgomery holds an MBA from Dominican University of California with a concentration in Sustainable Enterprise and BA in Sociology from the University of North Carolina. His diverse background includes horticulture,  start-up and enterprise-level consulting, and equipment and systems engineering/repair.

Ian was the driving force behind several large-scale business development projects at Algorithm Agency, a company also founded by Ian Bryan. Those initiatives included an edtech IPO, strategic initiatives supporting COP20 in Paris, early development of Asheville's Climate Collider, and several market launches in K12.

In 2013, Ian created Blue Ridge Aromatics, where he leads day-to-day operations and has doubled output in the last year. At Algorithm, he leads research, data analysis and project planning.

Ian has lived and worked in a range of places from Ocracoke Island in the NC Outer Banks to the San Francisco Bay Area but feels most at home in the loving embrace of the southern Blue Ridge Mountains.


Betsy McClellan

Accounting Manager


Heather Pike

Creative Director


Christian Coen

Production Coordinator


Ali Burke

Design Lead


Dalton Pope

Post-Production Lead